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Lance Garrettson and Shane McCormick started Quality Equipment Supply (QES) in 2010 with a simply philosophy of helping our customers get the equipment they need at a fair price. We believe that if we leave money in our customer’s wallets, they will feel better about a deal and come back to do business with us again. With a combined 20 years of experience in the intermodal industry, QES has developed great contacts and buying power that we use to the advantage of our customers. Let QES be the buy arm for your intermodal equipment needs throughout North America and focus your efforts on selling/rentals so that your company can reach its highest potential. At QES, our greatest success comes in helping our customers succeed!

Quality Equipment Supply is located in the Pacific Northwest, in Vancouver, WA. While we do business and have equipment from coast to coast, being 90 minutes from the coast and 90 minutes from the Cascades Mountain Range is a beautiful place to live and raise our families. Just a short drive to Portland, OR which offers a wide variety of craft micro breweries and restaurants, a good beer and meal is never far away. Come see us and we’ll show you around!

We decided when starting this company that it just wasn’t necessary to overcomplicate this business. We see too many companies with inflated staff’s, spend way too much money on all the wrong things and in the end it effects their ability to service you the customer. We give 100% to making sure you get what you need at a price that isn’t inflated because we need to pay for this, that or the other. Come see what it’s like to do business with people who care about your business.

Container Generator-Set Chassis

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